About [ English ]


My educational background is in graphic design and I have worked in the field as a freelance most of my life. I moved to the US in the nineties and lived in the Washington DC area for two decades. As a self-made artist photographer, I opened my studio in 2006 and participated in art shows and exhibited in a few galeries around Washington.

In the Recycle Series I photographed bales of compressed material (a difficult task to accomplish due to the very strict security). Besides being very sensitive to the environmental issue, I am attracted to the intricate composition, color and aesthetic of compressed matter. These compressions offer an unusual view of our everyday objects, which is just tormented mass going to have a new life. They basically look like abstract paintings. You see trash, I see art!

In the Urban Exploration — other than the excitement of penetrating these abandoned buildings — the industry and machinery fascinate me. Exploring these abandoned sites offers a mysterious trace of the past where we let our imagination runs on what used to be. Dark ambiance, rusty machines, derelict structures and deserted manufactures offer a spectacle of beautiful industrial decay. The metal can’t resist the wind forcing itself and its squeaking resembles to a long farewell song. They have a soul and an imprint of their decline will keep some of their history in memory…